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Renewable Circle Solutions – RC Sol, is a specialist  EPC (Engineering – Procurement – Construction) company that focuses predominantly on the Commercial and Industrial space in Southern Africa. We are priority-driven to provide eco-friendly power that is reliable, consistent, cost-effective and easily storable.

RC Solutions Conceptualisation Service


RC Solutions Design Service


RC Solutions Procurement Service
RC Solutions Construction Service
RC Solutions Operation Service
RC Solutions Maintenance Service

Unmatched support including:

  • in-depth, personalised consultations to assess your current system
  • evaluate consumption requirements and budget
  • build and install custom solar power systems
  • long-term clean energy that saves you money

Commercial & Industrial Power Supply

Economical turn-key energy

Optimal cost-efficiency systems from conceptualisation to construction and maintenance.

Commercial and Industrial Power Supply Installations

High-tech Residential Installations

Uninterrupted power supply

Reduce energy costs and experience ultimate freedom from Eskom and loadshedding.

High Tech Residential Installations

Ground Mount Solor Parks

Large-scale sustainability

Drive environmental accountability, maximise power flow and store or sell unused energy.

RC Sol Utility Projects

Become part of the green revolution

Become part of the green revolution