Smart & Sustainable Energy Solutions

RC Sol is a spin-off from a joint-venture between Resolution Circle (subsidiary of the University of Johannesburg) and EE PRO (German company with wide experience in PV Solar projects across Europe), which build the two grid-tied PV solar systems for SANPARKS in Skukuza and Lower Sabie in the Kruger National Park.

We are qualified to design, build and maintain the PV Solar plant as an EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) service provider and have the required financial and human resources, risk appetite and experience to complete the implementation project within a reasonable time period.

At RC Sol we believe in bottom-line profitability achieved through environmental conservation. By utilizing PV solar energy, return on investment is easily attained with long-term sustainability and eco-accountability.

• To date we have completed 40 separate projects in the Commercial and Industrial space with a total capacity of 20.5 MWp and have also done the DC stringing on a 15 MWp car port installation at Ford Motor Corporation.

• Included in the above are 9 projects which included Hybrid Inverters with BESS (battery energy storage systems) with a total capacity of 1,3 MW Hybrid inverters with 2 MWh battery (6 PV combined with BESS and 3 BESS only);

• In addition to the above, we have also completed 38 separate projects in the Residential and Backup space with a total capacity of more than 230 kWp PV panels, 353 kW Inverters and 675 kWh Batteries.

RCSOL is the Difference

Commercial & Industrial Power Supply

Developing Industry

We partner with The University of Johannesburg to provide practical work experience and training to electrical engineering students.

Commercial & Industrial Power Supply

Expert Technology

The latest Tier 1 tech is used for maximum efficiency in PV Solar power advancement, longevity, reliability, and optimal energy output for your system.

Commercial & Industrial Power Supply

Finance Solutions

We enable personalised, in-house investment opportunities in smart solar management for self-sustainability and liberation from Eskom.

Become part of the green revolution

Become part of the green revolution